kidnapping Kidnap and Ransom in not just in the movies and not everyone has Liam Neeson to rescue them.

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Here received on EWN news just over an hour ago proves this is rife:  Gia Nicolaides

JOHANNESBURG – The International Relations Department says it has identified the 35-year-old South African man who has been kidnapped in Nigeria along with four others, but has received no demands from the kidnappers at this stage.

The South African, two Australians and two Nigerians were kidnapped in the country’s south-east yesterday, after the vehicle they were travelling in was attacked.
The driver was shot and killed and the five passengers who all work for Australian mining giant McMahon were taken.

Department spokesperson Nelson Kgwete says, “We are unable to reveal the kidnapped man’s full identity at the moment until his family is informed. We have not received any communication from the kidnappers and we don’t know what their demands are.”(Edited by Refilwe Pitjeng)