I&DRS™ is a privately owned company, established in 2006 by a group of experienced insurance brokers. The success of our business has been built on the deep understanding of our clients’ needs and developing solutions to support their requirements.

As your insurance partner we work with you to design a bespoke-tailored portfolio that may incorporate traditional insurance coverage with niche products.

We strive to provide quality service with experienced teams to ensure your policy will respond in your “hour of need”.



Industry Expertise – Our teams have invaluable knowledge of your industry but realise your business specific requirements.  We take time to listen to your needs and develop solutions to respond accordingly.

Specialised Insurance in the following:

  • Commercial Lines:
  • Manufacturing
  • Long Haul transporters, Fleets and Owner Driven Small & Heavy commercial vehicles
  • Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, including Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Crafts
  • Agriculture – Farms, Livestock, Crops and Game
  • Retailers
  • Importers and Exporters – Including Bonds and Guarantees
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Motor Traders, Workshops and Service Stations
  • Education Institutions and Learners
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Professions and Professionals
  • Aviation


  • Home – Buildings and Contents
  • Motor including Classic and Exotic Cars and Motorcycles
  • Leisure craft
  • Collections, Artworks and Antiques



Risk Carriers

We use many risk carriers in order to satisfy our client’s diverse needs and go out of our way to find quality solutions.

Insurers Logos


I&DRS™ strive for a proficient and responsive claims service..

We employ experienced and competent claims technicians, who administer all your claims. Their commitment is to ensure that claims are settled in the shortest possible time to alleviate your stress.

For out-of-business hours emergencies,  we are available to be contacted on our cellular telephones for advice and instructions. As well as an easy to use I&DRS™ APP assisting you with your dedicated insurers emergency assist number and step by step claim for at scene of accident.

Mobile App Solution

The exciting and innovative I&DRS mobile app will enhance experience with I&DRS Insurance Specialists. There are several exciting functions, packaged into a very smart little app to ensure service excellence!

  • Additional cover can be requested via the app and you can include photographs / scanning of license disks to capture relevant data about the vehicle for assessment.
  • Assistance services button to call your dedicated insurer in case of a roadside emergency to arrange immediate assistance.
  • The ability to lodge a claim notification of incident for motor, home and personal to expedite a claim with step-by-step assistance on the app. This notification includes the ability to scan the barcode on the third parties’ vehicle license disk as well as driver’s license disk. The data within the barcode is seamlessly decrypted and pre-populated within the app to simplify the process. You will also be prompted to take the required photo evidence at the scene and these photos will be date and time stamped to keep a proper audit trail and enable us to expedite the processing of the claim.
  • You will be able to recommend and refer friends and new leads to us.
  • You will be the first to be notified of new product offerings, tips and news to those who have installed the app.
  • Vehicle and Motorbike Pre-inspection – you will be able to take photos of the front, side and back of the vehicle/bike, scan the vehicle/bike license disk to capture the details of the vehicle/bike e.g. make, model and derivative as well as scanning the driver’s license disk to decrypt the driver’s details. The full pre-inspection detail will be sent through to our offices via email to assess.
  • Home Pre-inspection – you will be able to take photos of the household items, and capture item values. The full pre-inspection detail will be sent through to our offices via email to assess.
  • A secure registration process with One Time Pin is sent to your Phone and integrated database lookup to ensure the process is seamless.
  • An integrated online web portal compatible on tablets, laptops and PC’s, and many more features.