ADT Latest Crime Trends Report

Pic from VKN Financial ServiceThefts out of motor vehicles are increasing at an alarming rate. Valuables should always be safeguarded. There is also a car hijacking trend where criminals driving luxury cars follow motorists home and attack them in the driveway.

When locking your car by remote, ensure that the car actually locks, especially when parking in public areas. The familiar “beep” sound or flashing lights are not good enough. Physically check before walking away.
• Always try to take a route you are familiar with. Avoid short cuts if you are not sure of the exact route.
• Avoid distractions when you are in your driveway and be aware of movements around you and in the vicinity of your home.
• Ensure that all the car doors are locked at all times.
• Do not travel with handbags, laptops, etc. visible on the seat where they can be seen.
• When approaching an intersection or a traffic light, take care to remain fully aware of street vendors or loiterers in the area. If you absolutely must communicate with anyone, open your window just wide enough to talk but not to allow a hand inside.
• Leave enough space between you and the car ahead should you have to take precautionary action.
• Avoid stopping at remote, isolated places if possible
• Vary the route you take to work and back if possible and also vary arrival and departure times.
• Do not open your garage doors until your gates are closed and latched.
• If you are spoken to by strangers, rather be rude and drive off.
• Limit your trips at night or try and take someone with you.
• Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition when you plan a trip.
• Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you are only going to be away for a short while.
• Park in well-lit places at night.
• Do not use your cell phone at an intersection or traffic light. Focus on your surroundings for your own safety


Article : ADT Newsletter

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