Casino Operator Wants Zurich Insurance to Pay for Legal Costs

Mandalay Bay , Las Vegas

Article : 26 June 2019

Two years after a gunman caused carnage among visitors of a music festival in Las Vegas, the hotel owner, faced with thousands of claims from victims, is demanding that Zurich Insurance pays for its legal bill.

In October 2017, an assassin started firing at the festival visitors from the 32ndfloor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. His indiscriminate act of violence caused the deaths of 58 people and injured 850 others.

The victims claim that MGM Resorts, the management of Mandalay Bay, didn’t do enough to prevent such an act of violence, because the shooter had managed to smuggle weapons and ammunition into his hotel room.

Disagreement Over Coverage

The company has received claims for compensation from 4’000 people, according to a report by «Las Vegas Review-Journal». MGM Resorts denies liability and is fighting the claims.

The company also assumed that it had insurance coverage for such legal cases, the newspaper said. It says that the U.S. unit of Switzerland’s Zurich Insurance ought to pay for its legal bill and that it would only be responsible for paying an eventual compensation.

Zurich Insurance disagrees with this assessment, leaving MGM Resorts to foot the bill which will reach millions of U.S. dollars, according to the report. The Swiss firm declined to comment when approached by