COVID19 : Safety Measures for Business Forced to Temporary Shutdown

Many companies are having to shutdown their premises temporarily at short notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic. According to the risk consultants of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), improper action or negligence when decommissioning buildings and production facilities brings risks for companies. Mothballed factories or offices are by no means safe from fire or other hazards – in fact such risks can be exacerbated when premises are idle or largely unoccupied.


AGCS experts provide an overview of general security and prevention measures to help avoid physical damages, such as regular checks of fire protection systems and the safe storage of flammable materials and liquids if premises have to be shutdown. In response, AGCS is also increasingly providing security advice to its customers via remote monitoring technologies that digitally visualize buildings and security features through photo and video recordings without the need for many people to be physically on site. Click on the link below to read further for a Fire Pump Checklist, Premise Inspection , Loss Prevention Measures


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