Half Ombudsman complaints relate to motor claims

 Ombudsman Briefcase News letter – July 2015


Did you know that about half of the complaints received by Ombudsman Short Term Insurance relate to motor claims? In this issue of the Ombudsman’s Briefcase we therefore focus on motor related insurance tips:

  • If you are planning to carry fare paying passengers in your vehicle, make sure that you advise your insurer at the inception of your insurance policy to avoid possible problems at claim stage.
  • Always make sure that your vehicle is locked before you walk away from it as many insurance policies require proof of violent and forcible entry into the vehicle for theft cover.
  • Never leave an accident scene unlawfully. If you do, it may result in your claim being repudiated by your insurer.
  • If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and you are unable to drive your vehicle, do not give permission to any tow operator to tow your vehicle. Call your insurer’s emergency number first and make sure which towing company is authorized to tow your vehicle. If not, you may be liable for the costs of towing and storage fees.
  • A mechanical warranty policy only covers certain parts of a motor vehicle and has a limit, as prescribed in the policy agreement. Any costs of the covered parts which exceed the prescribed limit, will need to be paid for by you.
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