I&DRS , Covid 19 and National State Disaster.

As you are all obviously aware of the measures being requested by the Government to help prevent the spread of the Virus.

At I&DRS our renewal and new business meetings are “one on one”  or small group sessions and as such there is nothing preventing us from continuing our normal visiting schedule, which we intend to do. We will be practicing good hygiene standards prior to and following all meetings to minimise any potential risk. We will of course cancel meetings should any of our team exhibit symptoms or have knowingly been in contact with an infected/high risk person.

Having said this, we will of course respect our clients wishes should they feel our meetings should be cancelled.

We have set up a Skype account should our clients prefer to schedule Skype appointments rather than “one on one”, otherwise its business as usual at I&DRS .

Join Skype : https://join.skype.com/PGtxbFuLDm0o  ;  Our Skype Name: live:.cid.ba95c39093da967f  ; 

Search for us on Skype email : charmaine@idrs.co.za ; 

Should you wish to connect via Skype, contact us to set up a scheduled appointment.

Hopefully the measure being put in place nationally will provide positive results for all and that normality will return in the not too distant future.