I&DRS now able to look after your most precious family “asset”.

Paw paw

What is pet health insurance?

A: Pet health insurance helps to pay for veterinary care when a pet dog or cat becomes ill or is injured.

This provides you with peace of mind and helps you avoid having to make tough financial decisions

about your pets health.

Q: Why do I need pet health insurance?

A: While your pet might be healthy today, there is no way to predict what might happen in the future. With

PawPaw Pet Health Insurance, you’ll be able to make sure that your pet has access to the best care

possible in the event of an illness or accident, without having to make heart-breaking choices based on




Here some KEY POINTS

  • Upfront Underwriting
  • Premium: Dog – R190 (Full Cover) Cat R139 (Full Cover) Cat/Dog R75 (Accident Only Cover)
  • Age – Older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years (Full Cover), Over 8 years (Accident Cover)
  • No Microchip, permanent identification or tattoo required
  • Waiting Period – one calendar month from start date of policy. Accidental injuries covered from date of inception.
  • No Condition specific waiting periods – (unless underwritten because of illness history)
  • No Breed Exclusions
  • No Sub Limits
  • No Annual Limit, R20 000 (Accident Only Cover)
  • Policy Excess – 10% of every claim with a minimum of R150.00 per claim
  • Our Claims are processed within 72hours and payments are paid to the vet or the policy holder as required
  • Pre-authorisations (for non-emergency treatments) ensure that there are no unexpected costs