Commercial & Business Insurance

I&DRS™ is a team of experienced professionals who are able to partner with you and assist in the identification of risk exposures that threaten your business, and the development of a comprehensive program to address your insurable needs and requirements.

Our service includes:

  • A review of the risks that affect your business and an insurance program tailored to respond to your needs.
  • A comprehensive market exercise undertaken on your behalf to ensure the most competitive solution is offered to you.
  • Providing practical solutions on how to manage your risks.
  • A claims service geared towards keeping our clients informed and updated on the entire claims cycle.
  • Regular reviews of your portfolio to ensure that your policies reflect any changes in circumstances you may have.

Personal & Domestic Insurance

I&DRS™ offers hassle-free Personal and Domestic Insurance products designed around your needs. We offer a range of products which are matched to your requirements:

Motor Only

We offer products for clients who only wish to insure their motor exposures. This is often mainly for Executive, Sports and Classic Motor vehicles where specialist underwriters are considered.

Household Insurance

We have the facilities to cater for everyone, from an entry level product, to our Executive Home policy for high net worth individuals. Apart from the competitive pricing of our facilities, we take pride in our claims service delivery and personal approach to helping you.

Our policies can also cover the buildings, “All Risks” for jewellery, sports equipment and liabilities.

Tax Risk Insurance

Tax risk insurance is simply the most effective protection for you and your business if you are ever selected for an audit by SARS. When you are covered by a tax risk insurance policy, your tax audit problem becomes the insurers problem, immediately. Critically for you, the cost of employing top tax specialists to defend your case are covered by your policy from the word go!

If you are selected for a SARS tax audit, tax risk insurance will appoint and pay for the team of tax professionals who will defend you. This may include Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Auditors, Tax Specialists and other Tax Advisors as may be required to ensure a fair audit outcome. If you already have an accountant, he/she will become a central part of the team.

Click here for an online tax risk insurance quotation

Motor & Transport Insurance

I&DRS™ can provide solutions for you if you manage a fleet of vehicles, operate within the motor trade, transporting goods or require Aviation Insurance.

We have developed comprehensive products for the motor trade which includes covers for internal and external motor trade risks, defective workmanship as well as the normal risks of the business.

If you have a proactive attitude towards managing your motor fleet risks and wish to consider the possibility of developing a Self-Insurance program, I&DRS™ have the expertise and experience to assist in all aspects in this regard. If structured correctly, your Self-Insurance program has endless possibilities to incorporate other risks.

Many believe that Aviation Insurance is just about covering the Aircraft Hull and Third Party Liabilities. I&DRS™ have partnered with the most experienced aviation brokers in South Africa to ensure that our clients get the best advice, products and service in this specialised field.

Fishing & Marine Insurance

I&DRS™ is recognised as one of the top Marine brokers in the industry, operating from our Cape Town office we take care of the insurable needs of clients, ranging from owners of small pleasure craft to large organisations operating fleets of fishing vessels in international waters.

Apart from the standard Hull, Third Party Liability and P & I covers, I&DRS™ have facilities through a wide array of local and international insurance markets. Specialist Marine Insurance cover suited for businesses operating within the fishing, boat building and marine engineering sectors.

Cargo Insurance for sea, road and air transport, covering consignments, comprehensively insured throughout the voyage cycle can be arranged by any one of our network of offices.

Construction & Miscellaneous

I&DRS™ provide expert advice and assist with the placement of a host of construction related and miscellaneous risks, ranging from the refurbishment of your home to the development of residential apartments, commercial premises, roads, dams, bridge and tunnel construction.

Professional Indemnity and Specialist Liability policies in respect of the engineering, mining and energy industries can be arranged with limits of indemnity from R1 million up to, and in excess of R100 million.

We also have access to markets which underwrite your management related liability risks such as Directors & Officers cover, Employment Practice Liabilities and Trustees Indemnity. In this very litigious society, company directors, officers, managers and trustees are being held personally liable for their actions in their personal capacities. We offer solutions to protect the individual and the company from such exposures.