Powersurge- In the dark with your policy?

load-shedding-candleAs you are all no doubt aware, our national electrical supply grid is under pressure and load shedding is affecting all our households and businesses.

This unfortunate reality increases the possibility of power surge damage when the systems are brought up again resulting in possible insurance claims.

It is important to understand whether you have cover under your policy or whether you need to purchase specific additional cover.

The following insurers have automatic power surge cover on their domestic policies:

  • MUA
  • Aquarius
  • Echelon
  • Discovery

Power surge cover has to be taken out as an additional optional extra at an additional premium if you are with the following insurers:

  • Brolink – Accidental Damage and or Power surge extension
  •  Mutual and Federal – Accidental Damage and or Power surge extension

If you are unsure of your cover the best is to call us to discuss your policy.

New Bill :ZERO% level ban on drunk driving

Don't Drink & DriveRiskSA February 3 2015  By Louise Flanagan

Johannesburg – ZERO. No alcohol at all for drivers. If you drink any alcohol, then don’t drive. That’s the new proposal from the national Department of Transport.

It’s one of the proposed changes outlined in the Draft National Road Traffic Amendment Bill gazetted last week for public comment.

The proposed new section of law states: “Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs having a narcotic effect (is) prohibited”.

The proposal is that “No person shall on a public road (a) drive a vehicle, or (b) occupy the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle, the engine of which is running, while there is a concentration of alcohol in any specimen of blood taken from any part of his or her body”.

Current law allows drivers to have up to 0.05g of alcohol per 100ml of blood, or 0.02g/100ml for professional drivers.

The proposal was cautiously welcomed by drunk-driving watchdogs.

South Africans Against Drunk Driving said a zero alcohol level was easier for drivers to understand and thus appropriate for South Africa, but warned that this in itself wasn’t enough.

“Merely changing the level to zero will not mean people will stop drink driving,” said Caro Smit, founder and director of SADD.

“A zero level must be followed through with rigorous enforcement, that is, frequent random testing, good paperwork that stands up in court, and swift court appearances.”

She said that only when there were high conviction rates and effective punishments would drunk driving decrease, pointing out that the legal blood-alcohol level was reduced more than 15 years ago, but road deaths and injuries had increased.


The Justice Project SA warned that a total ban might unintentionally criminalise the innocent.

Justice Project SA chairman Howard Dembovsky said: “It would be a good thing to remove any doubt in people’s minds as to what the so-called limit is, but there are numerous problems.

“It’s a medical fact that some people will produce false-positive readings of both blood and breath samples, and therefore, having a zero limit before criminalising people is unwise.

“For example, eating fruit can produce naturally occurring blood alcohol levels, albeit that they would be low. Similarly, diabetics are at risk of false arrest as hypoglycaemia causes acetone in the breath.”

He also pointed to potential problems with over-the-counter medications such as cough mixture.

Dembovsky also called for better law enforcement.

“How reducing the limit to zero will assist the situation is not exactly clear, given the fact that the reason most prosecutions are unsuccessful is that blood-test results are not forthcoming within a reasonable time frame,” Dembovsky said.

Those who wish to comment have until 27 February to do so.

The draft bill must also go through the parliamentary process. – The Star

Click here to read the draft bill.

Search for Stolen Art and sometimes they do come back

Artinsure Newsletter 3 Feb 2015

There is a colourful legend that says that those who steal from Pompeii will be persecuted by bad luck” says the superintendent of Pompeii, Massimo Osanna. Perhaps this is the reason that some guilt-ridden tourists return the artefacts that they have stolen from the Ancient Roman City, sometimes 50 years later. Osanna is organising an exhibition of these returned stolen items, to be held in one of the spaces being renovated as part of the Great Pompeii Project of restoration.

PompeiiArt Insure

Art and cultural property theft is a rapidly growing criminal enterprise in South Africa, the magnitude of which has been highlighted by the recent thefts of valuable and culturally symbolic art pieces.

In an attempt to generate awareness of art and cultural property theft, Artinsure has established an art theft register, which acts as a comprehensive archive of stolen art in the country.

They are committed to the protection of South Africa’s cultural heritage, with the Art Theft Register designed to provide information and assistance in the recovery of these stolen works.

Please contact info@artinsure.co.za should you have any information regarding these missing artworks or if you want to register a missing artwork

Should you wish to insure any of the following as an avid art collector or own that family heirloom , prized collection of books, carpets, antique/period furniture , musical instrument even photographic / camera equipment and more, contact us at I&DRS™ who will obtain a quote for you which provides full coverage for the loss, theft or damage, whether on your premises, in transit or entrusted to third parties.


Back end of 2014 and a Cow

I&DRS™ team would like to wish you all a prosperous 2015.

I’m sure all are pleased to see the back end of 2014 and trust that your battery is fully charged for what appears to be yet another action-packed year.

With insurance being in the financial sector many perceive it to be “boring”.

Therefore I decided to start our first I&DRS™ post with a funny yet true claim:

Ivor Bennett – a livestock farmer in Devon, UK – claimed that his phone disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows.

It wasn’t that he had any perverse or deviant obsession – he’d been using the torch on his iPhone while assisting the cow during calving in the middle of a particularly dark and stormy night.

The phone later made a reappearance – but perhaps a little unsurprisingly, failed to work properly.

Result: The Insurance company paid out on the claim in full

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