Maintaining Pipes

The question is often asked ‘How do I maintain pipes in a wall?’

This is simply impossible and definitely not a requirement of the policy to do so.

The repair or replacement of a leaking rusted pipe is considered to be a normal maintenance related cost associated with the ownership of a property.  Other common maintenance related issues also include:

– Leaking bath or shower taps

– Shower waterproofing

– Silicone sealing needing replacement

– Rising damp

– Roof waterproofing Damage in terms of most policy wordings are defined as: Physical loss or damage caused by a single, sudden, unintentional and unexpected event, which occurs at an identifiable time. A leaking or dripping pipe is not the result of sudden damage and would therefore not be covered. A leak caused by a pin hole for example would be something that has occurred gradually and over a period of time.

Let’s look at three different scenarios:

  1. A Burst pipe (sudden event) with resultant water damage:

Insurers  will generally pay for the locating, repair of the pipe as well as the “putting back” e.g. re-tiling and replacing any other resultant water damaged areas e.g. ceilings damaged, carpet damaged etc.

  1. Deteriorated or rusted pipe, pin holes, slow leak or damp over time:

Not an insurance claim as there is no sudden water damage.  Loss is caused by gradual deterioration over a period of time.

  1. Deteriorated or rusted pipe – but sudden burst/ collapse of a pipe with the sudden appearance of water:

Some policies  pay for the resultant water damage to for example; ceilings, carpets or laminated flooring and cupboards. The locating of the leak and the repair as well as “putting back” e.g. re-tiling will be for the unit owner or – if located on common property – body corporate’s account.

CIA 23 June 16 FAQ 09

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