Mandela Day Project 2015

I&DRS™ Mandela Day Project was a great success this year, with us supporting Jordan House, home for the elderly in Newlands.
They were desperately in need of having their perimeter wall repaired where previously a taxi had gone through it, as well needing the wall painted. Thus I&DRS™ assigned a contractor to repair, prepare by filling cracks, waterproofing and painting with 2 coats of weather durable paint in order to spare Jordan House having to repaint the wall again in a year or two.
I&DRS then also got actively involved by potting some soil , flowers and planters in the pots with in the grounds of Jordan House to bring some cheer and colour to the premises.
Our day was then ended off my serving all 80 residents from the general elderly to the frail a KFC meal.
This was a humbling experience for us all as we realise the reality of being the elderly in the near future ourselves.

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