Nigeria’s captain father kidnapped. A policy to respond?

Four hours before kick-off, the captain of Nigeria’s hope for the world cup, received a call to tell him that his dad, in his 60’s, was in the hands of bandits.

He told no one and played on.

After losing to Argentina, he endured his post-match interviews, albeit in a semi distracted state.

It wasn’t until a few days later that the full drama emerged. Ultimately, after a ransom payment of R380,000, a gun duel between police and kidnappers, and a 5km barefoot walk in the rain, John’s dad was released alive, but hurt and tortured by the ordeal.

Information courtesy of The Daily Maverick. For the full story, go to:

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance may seem like something only required when sailing a boat near Somalia, however this is becoming a trend closer to home than you realise.  Reported in May 2018 was Baby Eden from Brackendowns, Alberton  for R6 million and another 13 year old in Witbank with abductors demanding  ransom in bitcoin.

No matter where you live or travel, in the modern world you, your family or employees are exposed to a range of risks and threats posed by malicious actors, be they criminal or terrorist related.

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