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On this day 18 September 2004, a veld fire went through a fence at the car park of the Nissan Plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria. The fire destroyed 97 Almeras that had been bought back by the company from various rental companies. The cars were destined for the used car market and had a combined value of R 10 million.

Despite their loss, Nissan still felt that the damage could have been worse, had it not for the prompt response of the security company, the Tshwane Fire Brigade as well as the help of neigbouring businesses. The fire also destroyed a neighbouring bird sanctuary.

  • Is your Fire insurance adequate ?
  • Do you have correct sections covered under Fire i.e Plant & Machinery, Stock in Trade.
  • If a Dealer/Mechanic etc, do you have cover for Customer Vehicels or Motor Traders cover?
  • Do you require or have Spread of Fire?
  • Have you taken Debris Removal Costs cover?
  • If you have Awening Carport , have you specified them?
  • Does your policy have a Fire extinguishing clause ?

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