Remote Jamming and Your Insurance

Remote jamming is still a problem at many shopping centers and garages.

With the festive season around the corner many criminals will seek the opportunity while you let your guard down.

What is remote jamming/blocking?

When you leave your house or car and push the remote to lock your vehicle, a criminal pushes a similar device at the same time to block or interrupt the signal of your remote. You then walk away from your car, believing it is locked, but it is actually left open for the criminal to freely help themselves to your vehicle and its content.
This has unfortunately become an everyday occurrence in South Africa and here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle jamming:

Most insurers do not cover items stolen from a motor vehicle unless signs of forcible entry or exit from a vehicle, regardless of being specified as All Risks or Worldwide Cover. Insurers require the insured to take necessary percussions to also protect their items , as there have been many warnings and reports of the modus operand of car jamming/remote blocking.

Many insurance wordings state in the lines of  :

The company( Insurer)  shall not indemnify the insured for the theft of the property insured from any motor vehicle where the property insured has been:
(a) left in the motor vehicle overnight unless the vehicle is housed in a securely locked building and entry to
such vehicle or building is accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit.
(b) contained in a compartment of the motor vehicle and is visible to passers-by
If the insured can demonstrate through video surveillance footage (or any other conclusive proof) that an attempt was made to lock the vehicle using the vehicle remote but that the locking mechanism was blocked by thieves using an electronic device, such evidence shall be deemed to satisfy the forcible and violent entry or exit requirement for any loss out of the cab or boot of the vehicle ..

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from falling victim of remote blocking:

  • Do not leave your valuables in sight or in your vehicle if possible
  • Never push your remote while walking away from your vehicle
  • Check that your vehicle is locked by testing the door before you walk away
  • Ensure that your boot is locked as well
  • Be aware of your surroundings and take note of suspicious people or activity in and around the parking area.
  • Try park near or at centers that have surveillance camera’s.
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the security personal or centre management