The most stolen car in South Africa…

Article from -MSN CARS – 14 Sept 2015

Cape Town – Although the number of car thefts has been falling in recent years, car theft is big business in South Africa where it is said that one car is stolen every 9 minutes.

According to, a website that offers information about the car industry, including reviews and free online car insurance quotes, South Africa’s car theft statistics are some of the highest in the world.

It states that a 2010 list of the most stolen cars indicates that the top five most stolen cars in South Africa are:

The Toyota Hiace;

The Nissan 1400;

The Toyota Hilux;

The Toyota Venture;

The Toyota Corolla.

The most often stolen cars are:

Older models, between 7 and 21 years old;

Mini buses and sedans;

Either entry level or luxury cars.

While the list may be from five years back, industry experts suggest that it is still reflective of the current situation.

Toyota – a victim of its own success?

Toyota is seen as a reliable brand and therefore most likely also the most popular cars to steal. Added to this, vehicle parts are also interchangeable between models.

What happens to the cars?

About 30% of stolen cars are taken across South Africa’s borders. This can be attributed to two main reasons:

1) These vehicles are seen as reliable and dependable, so are good choices for African roads.

2) These vehicles are popular models and there is high demand for car parts for them.


The Fortuner has also become a top of the list here in the I&DRS offices.