Understanding how travel insurance works during virus outbreaks

With the coronavirus outbreak in China, a lot of people had to cancel or postpone their travel arrangements to the affected countries.

To date, 170 people have died from virus in China and more than 7,000 cases confirmes.

The World Health Organisation is meeting on Thursday to discuss whether to declare the coronavirus epidemic an international public health emergency.

Joanne Joseph speaks to Old Mutual insurance expert Christelle Colman about how travel insurances are affected by the outbreak.

“We have two components when it comes to travel insurance, one is medical cover in case you contract the disease and the other is cancellation cover if your travel has been cancelled or curtailed as a result of this outbreak.” 

Christelle Colman, Insurance expert – Old Mutual 

“We have partnered with an international travel company and they have representation on the ground in China and if you are in that area you do have somewhere to go and numbers to call.”

Christelle Colman, Insurance expert – Old Mutual 

Colman says some insurance companies can cover you if the epidemic was not known when or before you made your bookings.

“Now that coronavirus is known you can’t make a booking to affected countries and expect that cover to be imposed.”

Christelle Colman, Insurance expert – Old Mutual 

“Travel insurance policies excluded known viruses, incidents and epidemics.”

Christelle Colman, Insurance expert – Old Mutual 

Listen to the full interview here by 702, Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph.

Article by : 702 , 30 January 4:48

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