Why every motorcyclist should own this important gear

Beame Newsletter 28 Nov 17

The pure riding pleasure of a motorcycle is a unique experience. It evokes senses and emotions that you simply don’t experience with other forms of transportation. A motorcycle can be a badge of pride, a hobby, a mode of transport or a deeply-rooted passion and keeping safe while riding is of the utmost importance.
Safety should be your priority when riding a new motorbike for the first time. The trick is to get your gear ready before you go out on your first ride. Here are a few things you will need to keep you safe:
1. Full-face helmet
There are many different types of motorcycle helmets out there but wearing a shorty for your first year may not be the best decision. You may come off your bike while you are still learning and an open face helmet can lead to serious injuries. So, go for proper protection with a full-face helmet.
2. Protective riding clothing
It’s inevitable that during your first year of riding, you are going to come off your motorcycle, many times. It’s going to hurt and any type of injury, whether it be a graze on your knee or something more serious, it can affect your riding technique. So it’s important that your clothing is comfortable and protective. Invest in heavy duty trousers and a heavy set leather jacket to protect your elbows and upper body. It’s worth investing in your safety.
3. Riding boots
Many people don’t understand the importance of having good riding boots – it’s only your feet right? Well…wrong. Footwear is just as important as anything else you wear and they are really important if you ride a fast bike instead of a cruiser. Statistics have shown that leg and foot injuries occur more than any other injury involving motorcycles so it’s vitally important that you choose a pair of riding boots that are comfortable, and fit snugly but not too tight.
4. Don’t forget about the rain
In South Africa, thunderstorms and rainfall can happen at any time and you always have to be prepared. Without protection, riding won’t be much fun. Make sure you purchase something that fits over your leather jacket and is waterproof.
5. Sunglasses
The motorcycle sunglasses you purchase should be comfortable to wear, but also provide a protective element to ensure your eyes are not damaged while riding. There are many types of sunglasses to choose from so make sure that you consider lenses, frames and if you require Prescription or Non-Prescription glasses.

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